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This is a Tier list for fun and what I believe to be broken in One for All (and STRICTLY One for All). There is no F tier because I believe you can make anything work and win games. Please understand that this is my personal opinion. One for All has only been out for a few days, so I plan to update this the more I play and write about why certain champs are in that tier. Feel free to leave me feedback and your opinions on my tier list.

4/4 Hey guys! Long time no see! It has been over 2 years since i have last updated my One for All Tier List. I have found my love for league again and would really want to get back into making guides and tier list on Mobafire. A lot has changed over the years in league. The Item system changed with new dragons and new champions. I will finish this tier list this time with EVERY champion and give my opinions on where they stand. Understand that this tier list is old so most of these champion placements will probably be different from where they started. I will do my best to update the tier with the current champions before I move on to the newer champs. In their description, I will write "(UPDATED)" if they are caught up to date. I got a lot of testing to do before I do one BIG update to the tier list, I say in 1-2 days this list is going to be completely different from what it is now. Anyways, I'm glad to be back and ready to complete this tier list Once For All (like what I did there).



Not even Fair, they win almost every match. So Unfair they had to be disabled


Best Picks (S Tier)

These are the best champ you can play in One for All, they can clap cheeks against almost other champs


Above Average (A Tier)

Not the top dogs but powerful picks


Average (B Tier)

Not the best and not the worst, good picks but get overshadowed by lots of other champs


Below Average (C Tier)

These champs under perform when most people play them (minus you one trick mains)Â


Garbo (D Tier)

These champions are the hardest to win with. They can be quite painful to play as.

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My One For All Tier List (84)

Molses(2) | April 5, 2022 3:28pm

Where is Kai'sa at? .-.


My One For All Tier List (85)

Doody_tco(26) | October 29, 2020 11:25pm

Garbo? xD
I kinda feel you but not with Thresh, Azir, Braum and Yuumi... in other words, I only agree with Ivern being in this tier since no one plays him, and his freakish legs may be the reason xD
I would put the stupid useless tristana in that tier (only useless in my team of coures)
Anyways, interesting tiers x)


My One For All Tier List (86)

bpeti159(10) | April 5, 2020 2:22am

Zilean didn't even hit the mark to be put in any tier, even though you can perma-stun any enemy with the Q's... Me sad.


My One For All Tier List (87)

Strikethru| April 3, 2020 11:45pm

I played one for all Veigar and it was pretty fun. We played into a team of kleds, which was tough, to say the least, but once we started running it up mid later in the game, they couldn't escape all of our E's. We couldn't tell who was casting what because Q's and R's were flying everywhere and dark matter was raining from the sky.


My One For All Tier List (88)

Lichton(3) | April 3, 2020 8:21am

I've seen some of your comments, and I think that you honestly shouldn't include skill level in your tier list, and instead base it purely on their power in the mode. A footnote is nice, but that's my opinion.


My One For All Tier List (89)

PapiCholo(3) | April 3, 2020 11:05pm

I understand what you saying. I mainly base champions off 4 things, Mobility, Damage, Crowd Control, and Overall fun. I normally don't like to add skill levels but in my elo (Silver and Gold) is where the majority of players are. I personally don't think a high elo master player would need my Tier list, so I try to address this to the average player. That being said, the only reason I add skill level to the tier list is because One for All gives your the option to chose any champion, even ones you don't own. I'd like if I gave people a heads up into what they are about to play. This is only through my experience of playing One For All, but I get why I shouldn't add skill level. Once I am done with the tier list, I'll probably go back to edit and remove skill level from my comments and base it only on those 4 factors above. I appreciate you tell me about this though.

My One For All Tier List (2024)
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